Are you looking for a studio? Having trouble finding the right place for your production? DO NOT WORRY, WE HAVE YOU COVERED. the COOP provides a high quality background for all your video and commercial needs. We have the studio, we have the equipment, and the cyclorama set you need.

Cyclorama sets are often used for creating an illusion or fictional background like an office or even a sky if you want. Contact us, let’s get started on your videos.

Get started with us:

Our cyclorama can be employed to cover the back and sometimes the sides of your stage and be used with special lighting to create the illusion you're looking for. Our cyclorama is the perfect solution for the production of different videos, commercials, talk shows, podcasts, video series and more!

the COOP is a studio like no other, providing a quality cyclorama for all types cof video productions.

YouTube Series:

Film on a smooth background with gradient lighting. A Dedicated Team working to make your YouTube series a success. Add visuals and illusions & you can make your viewers believe you are anywhere, in a garden or even in a talk show. Your concept and vision combined with our hard work and skillcraft will make your videos a success.

Stage Effects:

Planning to do a play? Need a set for theater? Need a beautiful skyline? What are you waiting for? Hit the Call Now button and experience the amazing team the COOP provides to make your vision come to life.


Need to do a photoshoot? Want changing backgrounds and lights? We've got them ready for you, give us a call now and reserve them right away!

Product Showcasing:

Want all the attention focused on your product? We can make backgrounds disappear and provide bright lighting so that all eyes are on your product, and it shines the way it should. Professionals love using our Cyclorama for product showcasing!

Talk Shows:

Space can become an issue even for the biggest companies. We are here to spare you the trouble. Our Cyclorama is fully equipped and ready to go!


Shooting a commercial? Need multiple changing backgrounds to better serve your viewers? the COOP is your one-stop shop!


More About Us

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  • Timing: 30 minutes
  • Topic: Your Concept

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Ready to Start?

We're ready to take care of you. At the COOP we're a studio like no other. Let's bring your vision to life.

Our white cyclorama set is a fully curved background or wall, which gives the impression that you are working in an unlimited space. It eliminates shadows which are ideal when adding graphics or words next to your on-camera talent. We can also paint our cyclorama green, for Chromakey production.

  • What's The Rate?
  • $750 FULL/$450 HALF/DAY ~ $150 PER HOUR WITH 2 HOUR MIN.

  • What type of projects can be shot on the cyclorama set?
  • Our cyclorama is highly flexible and we can help you get options to fit your shooting specs, whether you want to make a commercial, TV production, product video, podcast, film, music video, or use it for a photo shoot.

  • Do I need to provide my own equipment?