The video content that you share for your brand can either be a source of sales or a source of damage. the COOP can provide a huge amount of content for the purposes of uplifting your brand among your online audience. Generally speaking, you've got 10 seconds to persuade your audience to absorb your content or not, and for that, you need video production that catches attention. That is where we come in. We're here to Influence your target audiences emotion and logic, that is what we do.

Our creativity and passion blended with your companies’ services and offers becomes an artful combination that has a long lasting impact on your viewers. From script writing to voiceovers to all out production. WE HAVE YOU COVERED.

Streaming & Live broadcast:

As you know, video production is the best way to communicate a wide range of services and products to your audience. A live broadcast is similar to live streaming but with high end tools and HD video production for your viewers... We can help you break through any glass ceiling.

TV Commercials:

The COOP believes in catching viewers attention in the first 10 seconds. Our Number# 1 Rule - Be Amazing, or Be Ignored. As the world moves toward digital advertising, streaming commercials have more competition than ever & it requires more effort to earn people’s attention. At The COOP our dedicated team combines the right talent with your vision to ensure your commercial is a success.

Script writing, Editing, Directing, Video Production ALL UNDER ONE ROOF

Call now and let us help make your business a success!

Hospitality Productions:

Your money should not only be associated with an event, it should be long lasting and provide ongoing revenue, the COOP keeps your audience engaged, even when you are behind the scenes. Let us help create your video strategy and generate the RIGHT results FOR YOU.

Convention Productions:

Let's make cutting edge content ensuring your conventional success! We are focused on our client's success, provide your vision and we'll achieve your goal. Let us create content to engage your audience and grow your sales.

Has your business shifted to a digital platform? We Are Here To Help. Benefit from content more eye catching than images or text. We are here to offer you, Highlight videos, Virtual conference videos, Time-lapse videos and even testimonials. All of this under one roof with Affordable Rates and cutting edge quality.

More About Us

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We're ready to take care of you. At the COOP we're a studio like no other. Let's bring your vision to life.

  • What's The Rate?
  • $750 FULL/$450 HALF/DAY ~ $150 PER HOUR WITH 2 HOUR MIN.

  • What type of projects can be shot on the cyclorama set?
  • Our cyclorama is highly flexible and we can help you get options to fit your shooting specs, whether you want to make a commercial, TV production, product video, podcast, film, music video, or use it for a photo shoot.

  • Do I need to provide my own equipment?