Brian Holgate

Brian Holgate


My career in the Film Industry started in catering. As a connoisseur of quality food creation, making mass quantities of food was not my idea of time well spent. One day a local Producer told me I would make a great Camera Assistant. Unsettled with my current profession, I took my passions and diverted them into film production.

From there I focused on the Camera Department and the rest is History. I put my hands on a jib for the first time out at Lake Las Vegas on a Poker TV Show. This sparked something inside of me. The idea of moving the camera became my new passion. From Jib, to Motion Control Time Lapse, to editing, my goal is to create shots that help keep people on the edge of their seat.

Every shot looks better when it’s moving. David Carafelli and I have been working together since 2009. We used to be tech crew. As Camera Utilities we worked together making connections and resolving problems. At the time I never would have thought it was preparing us for an Epic partnership.

Now we have a 2000 sq ft production studio and edit suite. Working together under the same roof at theCOOP has taken our production quality to the next level.