Who We Are

We design for amazing people

the COOP is a collaboration of TV and Film Production companies designed to bring a Premium Experience to you, our Client. From Production to Post we have a team ready to serve all of your needs. We all started as TV and Film crew. After decades of gigs working together on other projects, we started our own companies to serve the industry in different departments. Then we decided it was time to come together to build a studio for our own projects. Now we Create and Collaborate as a team to tell your story.

With a strong influence from the "the Good Ole Days" of Film, the COOP has refined the way it manages your story. Pre-Production is the most important part of your project. At the COOP, we have a team ready to Write, Produce, and bring your Story to Life.

We have the Cyclorama that you need to get that look of infinity. We can paint it White, Green, or any custom color. Our lighting grid houses KinoDiva 20 LED lights. They give us full control of Kelvin and Intensity, as well as any gel at the touch of a button. Let our team work with you to produce an effect that will take your Production to the next level.

the COOP has a Live Production Suite designed to deliver your Shoot to the World. From Pre Taped Videos to "Live On Air", the COOP has everything you will need to GO LIVE.


Our Team

Dave Carafelli


I’ll never forget how inspired I felt watching the Lakers when I was 5 yrs. old, hearing Chick Hearn sound like he was having the time of his life while calling their Championship against the Celtics… From that point on, I always knew I wanted to work in TV. I’d stay up late on Sunday nights just to watch George Michael Sports Machine and think to myself, someday, what if I could have a job like that?

After High School I went to UNLV for a Broadcast Journalism degree with thoughts of being on camera talent. From there I landed my first job in TV. It was for Entertainment Tonight in 1995! That’s when I realized that working behind the camera was pretty cool, and suited me better than being in front of it.

I started working red carpet interviews for ET with celebrities like Magic Johnson, Garth Brooks & Paris Hilton. At that point in my life, If I wasn’t busy working for ET, I was working in the Octagon for UFC as a utility behind a handheld camera operator and quickly discovering exactly where my passions belonged within the broader TV industry.

Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to work as a Stage Manager for the UFC, NBA and even the NHL during the Vegas Golden Knights magical run to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first ever season!

Some of my most recent work comes from an opportunity I was given by Intel Sports in 2020, when they hired me on as an Associate Producer to create video game-like highlights using their True View Technology during games at the freshly minted Allegiant Stadium!

Just like my mentor Don Jacobs said it would, my passion has taken me places where you can’t buy tickets. Even after more than 25 years of being in the industry, I still love everything that I do. For me, it doesn’t actually feel like work.

Brian Holgate


My career in the Film Industry started in catering. As a connoisseur of quality food creation, making mass quantities of food was not my idea of time well spent. One day a local Producer told me I would make a great Camera Assistant. Unsettled with my current profession, I took my passions and diverted them into film production.

From there I focused on the Camera Department and the rest is History. I put my hands on a jib for the first time out at Lake Las Vegas on a Poker TV Show. This sparked something inside of me. The idea of moving the camera became my new passion. From Jib, to Motion Control Time Lapse, to editing, my goal is to create shots that help keep people on the edge of their seat.

Every shot looks better when it’s moving. David Carafelli and I have been working together since 2009. We used to be tech crew. As Camera Utilities we worked together making connections and resolving problems. At the time I never would have thought it was preparing us for an Epic partnership.

Now we have a 2000 sq ft production studio and edit suite. Working together under the same roof at theCOOP has taken our production quality to the next level.

Christian Capucci


In the 25+ years of his career,  Christian has worked with some of the biggest companies in the sports and entertainment industry. With his creative vision and technical know-how, Christian brings experience and an artistic sensibility to every project.

From the one-man-band to multi-camera broadcast productions. Christian adapts to any work environment.

Relationships are important in any profession. Connecting on a personal level can be an integral part of the success of any video project. Christian works well with others and has never been kicked out of a sandbox in the playground. His can-do attitude is an asset in any work situation.

Christian is confident behind an ENG camera, or a long lens shooting NHL hockey. He has extensive post-production experience, as well as aerial videography.

Antony Miller


I’m a professionally skilled television production technician with over 20 years experience in the TV/Film industry who has worked a wide variety of communication mediums alongside a broad parameter of various department positions including supervisory roles within the experience of work related events.  Since its inception, the COOP has always been about setting out high level production goals with the work ethic to achieve them. The diversity of skill sets I have had the opportunity to learn over the past 15 years whether by personal desire or necessity through our client shoots is parallel to the growth of the COOP as a professional business.

Challenge and change have fueled our success along with a collection of top technical associates who provide a broad base of knowledge that clients seek in a multimedia driven world. As someone who is personally vested in our mission statement here at the COOP – know that we have the initiative, focus, and passion to make your next project as successful as our own personal journey toward growing this company.

Savanna Cyr

Studio Manager

Savanna here, representing the next generation of storytellers! I am aspiring to become a live broadcast director. My enthusiasm for directing began while attending the University of Oregon, where I served as the Director of Operations for the school’s television station, Duck TV. I collaborated with news and sports producers to determine the presentation of live episodes televised on Oregon Public Broadcast Channel 23.

 After graduation in June 2019, my passion for broadcast journalism led me to seek opportunities in Joplin, Missouri, and become a TV and digital reporter for the NBC affiliate, KSNF Local News. There I recognized how thrilling it is to create memorable story content, but not always in the form of a 1:00 or 00:30 news package. So, to grow as a young professional and learn to develop stories behind the scenes, I moved to the city where I was born but never lived – Las Vegas!

 In March 2020, I reestablished my production skills as a freelance utility working alongside the travel crews during the Raiders inaugural season at Allegiant Stadium. There I met Antony Miller and was introduced to the COOP team. 

 As the COOP’s Studio Manager, I make sure all operations run smoothly in and out of the office and assist the team on sets. Simultaneously, I contribute my production skills in town by working various broadcast positions like assistant directing Omaha Production’s Eli and Peyton Manning 2022 Super Bowl Party, stage managing talent during the Vegas Golden Knights hockey games, and assisting camera operators during UFC and FOX Premier Boxing Champions events. These experiences have inspired me to grow, earn a desire to challenge my production skills and achieve the role of director.

 When I’m not on a production gig, you can find me at the barre (reread that phrase, if you may)—connecting mind, body, and soul as a fitness instructor.